State Championship

Florida State Championship

This year Sculptors represent nine different countries and ten states. Collectively they hold over 300 competition medals and many of them are World Champions. There will be sixteen Solo Master Sculptors, ten Doubles Master Sculptors (five teams) and eleven Advanced Amateurs who will compete for the Florida State Championship. Overall there will be 40 sand sculptures for spectators to admire, not including the amateur contest.

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Kevin DiMeglioKevin DiMeglio
Home: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Sculpting Since: 2007

Bio : Kevin entered his first amateur sand sculpting contest in 2007, showing up with only kid’s sand toys and a friend. Noticing he was grossly under prepared for a team competition (“are the other teams allowed 10 people and the use of real tools?”) he recruited his brother and kids and this make-shift team placed 3rd with a castle. At that point, Kevin was hooked. Determined to continue with this new love of sand sculpting Kevin surfed the internet for sculpting tips and images. His eyes widened as he saw what could be accomplished with just sand and water. Armed with this new knowledge, he began experimenting with bigger and more complex sculptures during his family trips to the beach. Kevin has been winning amateur contests since and continues to push the limits of what can be done with the West Michigan beach sand he frequents. Now he looks forward to making much larger sculptures with his “Sand Fanatic” friends for local businesses and special events. When he’s not playing in sand, Kevin earns a living as an engineer in Grand Rapids MI.

Alan EakleAlan Eakle
Home: Ohio
Sculpting Since: 2009

Bio : After watching the Master Sculptors on Ft. Myers Beach competing at the American Championships, I decided that getting ‘serious’ about Sand Sculpting was something I wanted to do. Until two years ago, my sand sculpting consisted of using store bought plastic forms to pile sand and carving features such as bridges, roads, and towers to enhance them, alongside all the other 10 year old kids on the beach. All my life I have enjoyed working with my hands. After studying the Masters at work, I bought some ‘real’ sand sculpting tools and started to mimic the techniques that I had watched. In 2010, a friend of mine convinced me to enter the amateur competition with him as a duo at the American Championships. We won 1st place. I have always had a passion to ‘play’ in the sand, but now it has become a passion to be more creative and strive for perfection on a larger scale competing against other talented sculptors. Any time I am on the beach, which is only 3 or 4 trips a year, I spend the entire time, morning to evening, working on my skills. My niche is in building castles and bridges, Amazin’ Walter is my idle. This past spring my wife arranged for me to travel to South Padre Island and play in the sand with Walter. It was truly an experience of a lifetime.

Todd PangbornTodd Pangborn
Home: Jamestown, New York
Sculpting Since: 2010

Bio: Sand sculpting became a passion for me in the summer of 1997, as a way to entertain my family while on our beach vacations. I had always been interest in art but never really pursued any form of creating artwork prior to sand sculpting. For me, working as a mechanical Engineer, designing machinery, was my art. That first sand sculpture changed my artistic life. However, Sand sculpting was still a recreational activity, restricted to a couple weeks a year for the next 14 years. Not satisfied with the limited time, 6 tons of sand at home and a small indoor sand box was the remedy. With no art schooling, I am self-taught and have learned from online resources and by watching some of the mastersculptors, but mostly from trial and error. Maybe that’s why it took me more than 14 years! But overthose years I continued to improve and learn. After years of beach goers asking me if I entered competitions, I felt it was time to try. In 2011 I made the commitment to enter amateur competitions with the goal of reaching the Master level. I hope you enjoy my artwork!

Amanda BAmanda Bolduc
Home: Skowhegan, Maine
Sculpting Since: 2006

Bio: Amanda Bolduc was born and raised in the State of Maine. She graduated with a degree in Psychology from the University of Maine. Amanda served over 12 years in the Army and ended her career as an officer in the Corp of Engineers. She now devotes her time to her three children as a homeschooling mom. Amanda’s interest in sand sculpting started after seeing the American Sand Sculpting Championship during a vacation at Fort Myers Beach. She decided to give sand sculpting a try and entered the amateur division with her mother in 2006. Though they didn’t place, her passion for the art of sand continued. Not giving up, she studied the masters techniques, bought some sand worthy tools and entered the amateur competition at the American Sand Sculpting Championship year after year. Eventually, she won 3rd and two 1st place awards.

Andy DailyAndy Daily
Home: Sarasota, FL
Sculpting Since: 2011

Bio: Andy is fairly new to the world of sandsculpting. He got involved a little over a year ago. Artistic in nature, Andys studies include painting, sculpture, and photography. Andy placed 3rd in his first amateur contest at the Crystal Classic last November and last May in The 40th Annual Siesta Key Sand sculpture Contest Andy took 1st place And won the Judges Choice Award.

Chip PerlingChip Perling
Home: Orlando, FL
Scluplting Since: 2000

Bio: My name is Nicholas Perling, but my friends call me Chip. I was born in Miami but now reside in Orlando, Florida. I have an Associate Degree in Commercial Art and am CEO of my own business, Chips’ Artistry – which strives to bring closeness to nature that the Native Americans feel and live. With that said, I carve and paint antler, shell and some stone; it is then mostly sold at local Powwows. I started sculpting sand at a young age, but it wasn’t until I was older that I really found my love for the sand. My real motivation started when my daughter was born back in 1998. For her entertainment I would sculpt; those things include a 25’ long lobster, a 6’ wide alligator head, and anything I put my mind to. I’ve visited “Sand Bash” on Fort Myers Beach in April of 2011 and it was there that I became fascinated with more difficult sculpting. Watching the Masters and talking with them was an amazing experience. I entered a competition in May at Siesta Key and then another in November. I won the amateur division at the “Crystal Classic,” and am optimistic about winning many more in the future.

Mark WilsonMark Wilson
Home: Clermont, FL
Sculpting Since: 2011

Bio: My name is Mark Wilson and I carve sand. I’ve lived in Florida for virtually my entire life. Even though I was born and raised in the Ft. Lauderdale area (think Gold Coast), I never really liked the beach. I lived in Volusia County (think Daytona, Port Orange, NSB) for over thirty years and still never really liked the beach. Then I discovered sand sculpting. Finally! After 55 years, a reason to go to the beach! That was 15 months ago and I’m going every chance I get. Last November I entered the amateur contest during the World Championships at Ft. Myers Beach as a way to gauge my abilities. I was awarded third place in the adult solo division. I’ve moved a bit farther from the ocean now. I’ve started exploring what I can do with the sand at Lake Minneola. At least I don’t have to worry about tides. Mark lives in Clermont, FL. He has a Masters in Computer Information Systems from FIT and works as an IT Managerfor Lockheed Martin. When he isn’t sculpting sand or hanging out with his three grown kids, he can be found on his motorcycle exploring the back roads of Lake County, making something with wood, or programming for fun.

Wade WheelerWade Wheeler
Home: Okeechobee, FL
Sculpting Since: 2008

Wade Wheeler began sand sculpting after he met his wife 5 years ago, due in part to her encouragement, and their mutual love of the beach. He can be found there most weekends “playing” in the sand. Because of his experience sculpting fish during his 28 years as a salt-water taxidermist, Wade’s work usually involves marine life. Wade is now a grade tractor and heavy equipment operator, and his motto is “I work in the dirt for a living, and play in the sand for fun.” Wade’s sand sculpting awards include First (2010) and Second (2011) Place in the Amateur Division of the Siesta Key Crystal Classic Sand Sculpting Competition. He also earned Third Place awards in the Pro- Am Division of The World Championship of Sand Sculpting (2011) and the Amateur Division of the Fort Myers Beach Sand Bash (2012), where he was also married in a ceremony in the sand. Wade has not competed since April, 2012, due to the birth of his son, Cade, who he hopes will one day be his partner in sand!

Albert LucioAlbert Lucio
Home: Austin, TX
Sculpting Since: 2005

Albert Lucio, Jr. has been competing in sand sculpting events in Texas since 2005. Albert and his father (Albert, Sr.) learned how to build a sculpture a week before their first entry into C-Sculptures, a grueling 25 hour straight open competition. Albert Jr. and Sr. placed fourth out of 22 competitors and promptly went home to take a nap. They both returned the next year to place second and then a third time to win the competition. Albert Jr. has since won awards for Amateur and Pro-Am competitions for both solo and duo categories in Texas. Albert Jr. shares a fun family rivalry with his father in solo competitions. In April 2013, Albert Jr. was selected to build alongside the Master sculptors at Texas Sandfest as the only Duo Pro-Am Showcase with another Texas Pro-Am, Adam Grumbles. Albert Lucio, Jr. is now looking forward to building on new shores.

Marc MangiaMarc Mangia
Home: Columbus, Ohio
Sculpting Since: 2005

I was born, raised, and live  in Columbus, Ohio. At a young age I started working with my hands Assembling and taking apart anything and everything. As a teenager, I started working with my dad in the construction business as a carpenter and continue today working as a carpenter and running the business.  My wife and I love to vacation in sunny sandy places! My first sand sculpting experience was on the sandy beaches of Clearwater Beach Florida where I sculpted my first church. After many years of playing in the sand, using my carpentry skills, talking with some of the Masters and watching how they work the sand, my love for saying sculpting has grown! I’ve continue to hone my skills and expand my church sculptures in Aruba, Fort Myers Beach, and at home where I just added a sandy beach to my pond. Family and friends encouraged me to enter a competition. My first entry into a sand sculpting competition was November 2012 where I placed first in the amateur division at the Fort Myers Beach American sand sculpting championships. I am extremely excited and honored to be asked to compete in this years advanced amateur state championship!


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