2014 American Championships
Master Sculptors – Solo Division

This year Sculptors represent nine different countries and ten states. Collectively they hold over 300 competition medals and many of them are World Champions. There will be sixteen Solo Master Sculptors, ten Doubles Master Sculptors (five teams) and eleven Advanced Amateurs who will compete for the Florida State Championship. Overall there will be 40 sand sculptures for spectators to admire, not including the amateur contest.

click here to view the Master Doubles Sculptors
click here to view the Advanced Amateur Sculptors

Bruce Waugh
Home: Langley, BC, Canada
Sculpting Since: 1987

Bruce Waugh has been sculpting sand, snow and pumpkins for 25 years and still loves the attention that it gets him. Combining part athletic endurance contests, and the combination of artistic skills and the love of the performance aspect, makes for a wonderful experience for the viewer. Recently he has won first-place at the Canadian Open in 2010; People’s Choice at the Canadian Open in 2009 and 2010; and first-place at the BC Snow Carving Championships at Silver Star in 2009.

Sandi “Castle” Stirling
Home: Dundas, Ontario
Sculpting Since: 1995
Website: http://sandicastle.com/

BIO: Master Sand Sculptor Sandi “Castle” Stirling, from Dundas Ontario, is passionate about sand and loves to play in it. She discovered her talent for sand sculpting at Sauble Beach Lake Huron Ontario in 1995. Since then she has won numerous awards at sand sculpting events both in Canada and the United States. For many years, Sandi has competed at the Sauble Beach Sandfest at Sauble Beach Ontario, Parksville British Columbia Beachfest, South Padre Island Texas Sandfest, Fort Myers Beach Florida Sand Bash, and Revere Beach Massachusetts at The New England Sandfest. Sandi is kept busy during the summer months on commission sand sculptures for events in Ontario.

Amazin (Walter) McDonald
Home: South Padre Island, TX
Sculpting Since: 1984

Website: http://www.amazinwalter.com/
BIO: Amazin’ Walter has been creating sand sculptures for 27 years – so long, he’s lost count of the awards he’s accumulated. He has appeared at nearly every major sand competition and is a frequent winner of People’s Choice awards. He competed with his daughter, Christy, on the Travel Channel’s Sand Blasters: The Extreme Sand Sculpting Championship in 2008. They won 2nd Place at the Texas Sand Fest (Port Aransas) in April 2011. Walter returned from Virginia Beach in Oct. 2011 where he won 3rd place for the second year in a row at the North American Sand Sculpting Championships!
Possibly the oldest sand sculptor in captivity, Amazin’ Walter has made a reputation for himself building castles and is best known for his arches. His competition and commercial work has carried him to the far reaches of the world, China, Japan, Belgium, Holland, Mexico, Canada, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, and many places in the U.S.

Melineige Beauregard
Home: Quebec, Canada

Sculpting Since: 2001
Website: http://www.sculpturebeauregard.com/

BIO: Some believe sand sculpting is art, some believe it’s a sport. While others, like Melineige, believe it’s a spiritual experience. “When my hands touch the material, when my heart opens to give life, when my head is illuminated by light, I become the co-creator of the universe,” she said. “An artist is one who spiritualizes matter.” She should know. Art is in her blood. Her father is internationally renowned sculptor Guy Beauregard, and like her father, she too has achieved international success. In fact, in 2004 the father-daughter duo teamed to win the World Championship in the doubles category. Since then she has won more than 30 individual awards.  In 2013 she was Grand Champion of the first All Woman World Championship of Sand Sculpting in Florida.  And she is, with Jonathan Bouchand « Jobi », the current World Cup Champion  of 2014 in the doubles category. “For me, art is a means of communication, a way to transmit the energy of life, to affirm its vastness and its beauty,”.

Morgan Rudluff
Home: Santa Cruz, California

Sculpting Since: 2007
Website: http://sewstoked.com/

BIO: Morgan has been sculpting since 2007. Morgan considers herself to be an eclectically-educated science nerd who scrapped it all to live and work as an artist. In 2007, she began sewing, salvaging and re-purposing garments, beginning what was to become the seeds of her own “Sew Stoked!” creative collection of clothing, costumes and accessories. In that same year, Morgan decided to make a career in the arts. She discovered the key to life laced between the billions of grains of sand, and the sculpture that waits to emerge. For Morgan, sand sculpture is one of the pinnacle ways to honor her inner child and her inner artist simultaneously.

Laurie Arntz-Tournoux
Sculpting Since: 1998
Home: Louisville, Ohio

BIO: Mother of two college age daughters and tax administrator for a municipal government by day has been dubbed the “Logo Queen” on the sand circuit by her peers. Most of the logo replications are for businesses. In addition, she helps run a lucrative Excavating business with her “better half”. Logo and sculpting projects in Ohio include: Pro Football Hall of Fame Ribs Burnoff, Strong Kid Program Jackson Township MC, City of Alliance Annual July 4th Festival, Kids Fest, Cleveland Indians, Youngstown Metro Parks, Louisville’s Annual Balloon Lift Off, Community Days in Richfield, MSCountry.com Festival, , Taste of Hudson, Several Relay for Life Projects. Laurie travels and competes when time allows. A few places are, Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Virginia Beach (4th place), Maine, Parksville, BC.


Abe Waterman
Home: PEI, Canada
Sculpting Since:
Website: http://www.abewaterman.com/
Life has not always been easy for Abe, having been born to a simple, poor peasant family in an area known as Glenmartin on the Isle of Prince Edward. He spent his formative years scouring the fields and forests around his parent’s humble cabin, foraging for nuts, berries and the occasional squirrel, doing his best to stay out of the shooting range of Edward’s archers. Undoubtedly due to a clerical error, several years ago Abe was hired on as the token local when a travelling troupe of sand sculptors past through the nearby town of Charlotte. In a desperate attempt to fit in Abe honed his “leaning on a shovel” skills, and has become a master of “staring down a sand pile while simultaneously pacing back and forth, cocking his head this way and that, and gesturing wildly with his arms, trowel in hand.”

As a means to escape his life of toil and poverty, not to mention his mother’s horrendous gopher stew, Abe has continued to pursue the life of a traveling sand sculptor, now living an anxiety-ridden existence, fearing the day he is exposed as an impostor, and sent home to the jeering throngs of Glenmartin to hang.

Todd Pangborn
Home: Jamestown, New York
Sculpting Since: 2010
Todd’s passion for sand sculpting began in 1997, while on a family vacation to Virginia Beach. His wife and two daughters were mesmerized as he made his first sand sculpture. Since that day he has worked tirelessly to learn everything possible to improve his art. To the uninformed it would appear he was a slow learner, as it took 14 years before entering his first competition in 2011. Now after several wins at the amateur level and three Advance Amateur State Championships, his wife and daughters aren’t as easy to please. They’ve seen it before!  But being new to the Masters ranks, and competing in only his second Masters competition, he hopes to bring something new and different that maybe you haven’t seen before.
In his real life he is married to his best friend and his two incredible daughters have grown up to be beautiful young women. He works as a mechanical engineer designing machines.  Living in Jamestown, NY (southwest of Buffalo), you would think he would be more into snow or ice sculpting rather than sand. But he prefers sand because he says flip flops just don’t keep his feet warm in the snow and ice. He has no art schooling and is self-taught from whatever he could find online and by watching some of the other master sculptors. Maybe that’s why it took him more than 14 years!


Joris Kivits
Home: Portugal

Sculpting Since: 2006
Website: http://www.joriskivits.nl
 Photographer? Graphic designer? Art director? Illustrator?  Sculptor? Like most sand sculptors, Joris is…first and foremost…an artist. Whatever the medium, whatever the project, he believes that beauty should shine through. This mentality has guided his career in movies and television, in commercials and music videos, and has carried over into his work with sand. Although he has only been sculpting sand since 2006, he’s had several notable competition achievements throughout the world. Recently, Joris became involved in sculpting marble, which, he admits, is a very different medium: “This will be around for a while,” he says. “But sand is like live theater…you enjoy it while it’s happening and it only lives in your heart and mind.”

Delayne Corbett
Home: Canada
Sculpting Since: 2006
Website: http://www.delayne.ca/
Born in Nelson, BC, Delayne Corbett grew up all across Canada where abundant natural landscape and readily available raw materials like wood, stone, ice, snow, and sand guided him onto a creative path early in life. Though he has explored these many mediums, his passion is working with stone to create sensual abstract forms. Delayne studies sculpture through in-depth self-guided research, superb mentorship, and by attending workshops, symposiums, and competitions. Delayne is an internationally recognized ice, snow, and sand artist, and often travels abroad to work on large projects. His home time in Vancouver is consumed by either working in his studio or teaching workshops and demonstrating sculpture at a wide variety of public events.

Walter Fantino
Home: Udine, Italy

Sculpting Since: 2001
Website: http://www.sandytales.it/
Walter Fantino is an Italian architect and master sculptor in sand, snow and ice. Walter has been carving sand for national and international fairs, festivals, corporate customers and competitions since 2001. Often working in the double “Sandytales” team with wife Francesca Cosmi, he prefers to focus on architectures and geometrical elements. He plays center-forward in the over-40 soccer division.

Francesca Cosmi
Home: Udine, Italy

Sculpting Since: 2001
Website: http://www.sandytales.it/
Francesca Cosmi is an Italian master sculptor. She has been working internationally with perishable materials like sand, snow and ice for 13 years. She is also a mechanical engineering designer, but when carving she likes to create figurative sculptures, human and animal parts. She often teams with husband Walter Fantino under the “Sandytales” name. She practices taijiquan and at times plays a ukulele.

Bouke Atema
Home: Berlin, Germany
Sculpting Since: 2004

Website: http://boukeatema.com/
Bouke Atema was born in Friesland, The Netherlands in 1981. Atema works predominantly in the
medium of sand sculpting and nature photography. He lives in Berlin and works around the world.

Agnese Rudzite-Kirillova
Home: Riga, Latvia
Sculpting Since: 2010

Website: http://www.art-decor-sculpture.lv
I have a master’s degree in sculpting and I’m a member of Latvian Artist Union. With sand I’m working from 2010, but as a professional sculptor I’m working from 2000. I’m working in very different materials: ice, snow, wood, fiberglass, styrofoam, metal welding, bronze casting, fire sculptures, environment art, also painting, making interior design and wall paintings. I have participate in many festivals, competitions and exhibitions in Latvia and abroad (Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Swiss, Italy, Germany, France, Russia, USA, Kuwait)

Greg Grady Jr.
Home: Hampton Beach, New Hampshire
Sculpting Since: 2000
The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…Greg is a self-taught artist, a 2nd generation sand sculptor and a veteran of the Marine Corp (Semper Fi). An ephemeral artist; he works with sand, snow, ice, wood and pumpkins. His love for sand sculpture began as a child creating sculptures and traveling to sand events with his father which provided an opportunity to play in some of the biggest and best sandboxes any kid could imagine. Today, Greg’s childhood dreams are a reality with a career creating sand sculptures around the globe. He has earned his share of awards/prizes entertaining the masses with his whimsical, playful style, conceptual designs, craftsmanship and attention to detail. He has a sand sculpture business which organizes contests, exhibitions, promotional events, and team building workshops. Greg and father Greg Sr., are currently the driving force behind The Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting competition in New Hampshire and the longest sand sculpture trail in the world on Cape Cod Massachusetts. Greg, striving for excellence, is always honing his techniques and skills to wow the crowds.

John Gowdy
Home: Italy – New Jersey
Sculpting Since: 1989

Website: http://www.johngowdy.com
aka The East Coast Cowboy has been carving professionally for 25 years. He served 27 years as a firefighter in Atlantic City, NJ retiring as captain in 2006. He then relocated to Castelfranco, Veneto, a little town in Italy. He and wife, Laura, carve together occasionally. They placed 1st on the Travel Channel’s “Sand Wars” in 2012. Gowdy plans to dedicate the rest of his life to the arts. He sculpts sand and marble, paints portraits and has a performance painting show called “Flying Colors”. He travels worldwide showcasing both his paintings and sculpting. He manages The World Cup of Sand Sculpting, an annual international sand sculpting competition, in his hometown of Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Non-Competing Master Sculptors and Staff

Bill and Marianne Knight
Home: Fort Myers, Florida
Sculpting Since: 2001

Website: http://www.thesandlovers.com
Bill and Marianne found their love for sand sculpting about 13 years ago when they began competing in amateur contests. After winning several medals they became professional sculptors in 2006. Their company “The Sand Lovers” not only specializes in creating wonderful works of art from piles of sand, they also manage some the largest sand sculpting events in the U.S. In the past few years Bill and Marianne have managed 16 major sand sculpting events reaching almost 600,000 people. Bill and Marianne will be organizing/managing this year’s event, along with hosting “Quick Sand” and providing sand sculpting demonstrations during the event.

Go to the beach, Play in the Sand, Have FUN and LEAVE ONLY FOOTPRINTS!

Suzanne Altamare
Home: Daytona Beach, Florida

Sculpting Since: 1983
Website: http://www.justplainsand.com

BIO: Suzanne Altamare has been a professional sand sculptor for 30 years.  She lives in Daytona Beach, Florida, but loves the Fort Myers sand.  Favorite subjects to carve are: antique motorcycles, octopi, logos, dolphins, etc.  Hobbies:  Boogie Boarding, gardening, permanent art work.  She is a full time cat slave at home and strives to please her furry masters. Sand Mottos:  Change your mind….not the sand.
Don’t fight it….. hide it.

Dennis and Lisa Fewless
Home: Ovid, Michigan
Sand Management Team

BIO:  We call Dennis “The Sand Manager”. Dennis has been involved in our sand sculpting events for a few years now, and has become a regular staff member and an important part of team “Sand Lovers”. Part of what Dennis does is assist with site set-up, plot set-up, equipment needs for the sand sculptors before & during an event, ensuring they have everything they need to create their beautiful works of art.  Lisa is a very talented sand sculptor who has placed in every Amateur sand sculpting contest she has entered. Lisa works with The Sand Lovers in many of our events on a regular basis traveling from Michigan to Florida a couple times a year. With Lisa’s talent & back ground, she has become a valued part of the team and we are proud to have both of them on our team.


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